Frequently Asked Questions


How can help me? 

Everyone comes out better on the other side of the deal if we can come to agreement. We buy houses in any condition throughout the Denver, Colorado area. We are looking to offer a price that will help you and our business model. That may mean fast cash or it may be you get multiple offers. The result must be where both of us come together and ends with both parties pleased. Without that, deals fall apart and no one gets what they want. We are not here to waste time, just do deals, smoothly finish the business and, as noted Everyone comes out better.


What does do with my property?

Some homes we fix up to sell, other times we keep as rental properties. Either way, you will no longer have the issues associated with the house. 

Can we do a deal if my house is in "bad" condition or ugly?

Sure!  We buy houses no matter the condition. Each situation is different. Often, our contractors update or remodel a home and make it beautiful. 

How soon can you close the transaction?

We can generally close within 10 days from agreement on price and terms. We might be able to do it faster. We close through a local title company and you will receive a check to use as you elect. Depending on complexity of the deal it could take only minutes, but may take a couple of hours.


What's my next step? 

Reach out to us by calling us at 303-558-6229 or by simply filling out the Contact Form on the right         -------------------------------->


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  • Property address

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