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We exist to solve housing problems.  

We buy homes in any condition and we can close quickly.  Imagine yourself as the seller.  You have some pain or pressure that needs to be released.  You do not want to deal with additional worries repairing sinks, electric issues, major or minor repairs that cost time and money. We will buy your house.  We can get the things most important to you done.  Maybe you need time or perhaps money for expenses; we will try to meet your needs.


The Goal is Results

We are not real estate agents looking to list your property - we want to buy your house so it makes sense for both of us; the buyer and the seller.


Whatever your reason is for selling, we want to play a role. Maybe that means buying your house. Maybe you want fast cash. Depending on your situation, we can often close in as little as 10 days - giving you relief from whatever house problems are in your life. Sell your problem and get on with your life.


Take a few minutes to look around our site.  If you like what you see, then reach out to us.  We like to solve problems and will answer your questions promptly and honestly.  You can get in touch by calling us at (303) 558-6229 or just send a message by filling out the Contact Form to the right



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Reasons for Selling

The process of selling a house can be tough, strenuous, maybe even exhausting and you want to be treated with respect. We understand there are many reasons why people want to sell. We will not do a deal if it doesn't produce positive results for everyone involved. We run our company with integrity and are only satisfied if you are happy with the results.

When you need a fast source of funds, we can close within days and get you the cash you need to do the things you want.

Let us help you get out of a bad situation and into a stronger financial position. 


Sometimes we pay cash for Denver houses and can help you get the equity out of your house so you can pay off debt and move on!

We can close within days and get you on your way if you are leaving the Denver area for a job opportunity, transfer or relocation.

Your house may be in terrible condition, but we don't care!  You don't need to work to get your home ready to sell to us. We can buy in any condition.

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved. Get the money you need now to settle the matter.

The probate process can be emotionally and financially draining. Let us help you convert your situation into cash.

As property owners ourselves, we understand the difficulty in dealing with tenants, toilets and trouble. Let us help you be free of your unwanted houses.

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